Monday, October 8, 2012

Crossing 2000 Mark

From starting this Blog on 22nd March. 2012, this blog has crossed 2000 page-views. While Writing this post the page-views are now 2027..

Visitors in Thane
Visitors on Thane Jain Yuva Group as on 8th Oct, 2012

This is a great achievement for a small blog like this, that in just 6 months we have crossed 2000 mark considering the fact that this blog is actively read by only members(72) of this Group.

On occasion of this achievement I have created a new web address for this website. "" This address is shorter than the existing "". Members had suggested to shorten the URL and now it is. Just adding '' after Thane Jain.

This blog is not only read by Indians, but also have visitors from around the globe.