Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet on Sunday - 29 th April, 2012

No of Members Present -28

This time also meeting was started with Navkar Jap.
Took feedback of the vow of touching the feet of Elder people. Almost all had inculcated this as new habit in themselves and their younger brothers and sisters also started the same.

Then played lots of games this time - Musical Chair, GK questions about Jainism, Fugdi, etc. It was decided in this meeting that instead of having this type of get-together every Sunday, we shall have it on monthly basis on Sundays. This will increase the participation of members, even though this will make all miss the Group very much.

As the majority of members were on their vacation tour to their home town, the no. of members present decreased significantly, this also led to postponing of accounts laying down before the group.

Meeting No :6